Our valued Customers share their experiences.

I would put ENGVT in front of any problem with the confidence that it would be solved

Jerry is one of the most knowledgeable engineers I have worked with in my 20 years of contracting. Jerry is one of the few who stick with the project to the end, even if it’s at his own expense. Jerry has continually impressed me with his ability to think outside the box, coming up with new innovative solutions and always taking the time to explain the solution thoroughly to my clients. I have learned volumes working with Jerry and would enjoy the opportunity to do so again. Jerry is a true professional with sterling character, a man that I would put in front of any problem with the confidence that it would be solved.

– Bryan Hebb

ENGVT vital to us at Cathedral Square

Any organization or business that’s developed a large facility in the last few years knows that the pace of technological change means we’re always on the bleeding edge. It’s more critical than ever that systems are living up to their potential. Jerry Chabot was vital to us in this regard at Cathedral Square. His knowledge is exceptional, his designs practical, and his explanations comprehensible!

– Tim Ashe, State Senator (VT)

I look forward to the opportunity to partner with ENGVT on future projects

I have only had the pleasure of working with Jerry on a couple of projects, however in each instance I was extremely impressed with his professionalism and willingness to go the extra mile for the client. Nothing was ever too large or too small of a challenge with Jerry and his ability to deliver the necessary information in a timely manner and error-free is unsurpassed and continues to impress me. Jerry is a pleasure to work with, especially in such a stress filled industry, and I look forward to the opportunity to partner with him again on future projects. I would highly recommend him to anyone in search of an Engineer.

– Colin Featherstone

ENGVT provides a complete package that I look forward to utilizing

Jerry is an excellent and skilled Mechanical Engineer. He easily sees alternative means to accomplish the goals and works tirelessly to meet deadlines. His 3D CAD skills and project cost estimation capabilities provide a complete package that I look forward to utilizing again.

– Ross Topliff

I would recommend ENGVT to anyone

Jerry is one of the best consulting professionals I have worked with. He has outstanding client skills; in fact, my clients continue to ask when I will have him back on site. He was able to navigate extremely complex business situations. In addition to his superb professional management skills, he is an excellent engineer. Capable of developing creative, value engineered solutions to technically challenging facility-engineering problems. I would recommend anyone who needs a consulting engineer or project manager consider Jerry.

– Raymond Delio

ENGVT  3D CAD system Skills

Jerry was responsible for engineering and design of tool installation projects on many of my IBM projects. Jerry’s attention to detail made his designs an ease to install and construct. I also worked with Jerry in the early years of Engenuity. I can recognize Jerry for his skill at 3D CAD systems. Jerry was always a joy to work with.

– Rob Heimbuch