ENGVT Modular Engineering Services

modular engineering in a semiconductor facilityENGVT was founded on the idea of changing business as usual by designing  prefabricated facilities “modules” and equipment skids to reduce time, cost, and impact on operations during a project. We, along with our sister company NEHP, developed and patented this process for semiconductor tool install projects. We have expanded the scope of modularization to include base build mains, laterals, and skids. High tech manufacturing facilities are incredibly resource intensive and dozens of systems are supplied to the manufacturing. This requires extensive utility distribution systems. The construction schedules are always extremely aggressive in order to get the product to market while the technology is relevant. As a result, loading large-scale modular assembly into a factorythe manpower density in the building during construction can become a limiting factor to schedule reduction by simply applying more craft labor. ENGVT has over fifteen years of experience performing modular design at scale.  By using modular assemblies that are fabricated off site and delivered to the jobsite complete, the time, cost and safety liabilities associated with traditional “stick built” construction are greatly reduced. We typically achieve a 30% reduction in these critical construction metrics.