Tim Martin
Associate Engineer

Tim Martin is an associate engineer at ENGVT, where he models mechanical pipe and plumbing systems and supports other members of the project team. Prior to joining ENGVT, he worked as an intern at General Electric Co-Op in Evansville, Indiana , where he designed digital test sheets for iPads, created web-based workflows and site-audited chemicals and updated MSDS.

Tim has experience in SolidWorks modelling software and has developed mathematical models to describe the motions of moving objects. He also designed and built a prototype collapsible bear-proof storage container for backpackers. He is OSHA certified to operate Four-Wheel Forklifts and Narrow-Aisle Reach Trucks.

Tim holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University, where he earned a 3.8 GPA. Tim enjoys the outdoors with hiking, running and skiing and we are pleased he chose ENGVT to launch his career!