Peter Gagnon
Mechanical Engineer

Peter has been designing HVAC and boiler systems full-time since 2011, focusing on equipment upgrades and replacements to optimize energy usage in government buildings, schools, hospitals, fire stations and offices. He utilizes the most current energy modeling software, along with his construction background, to design state-of-the-art systems, including zero-energy buildings. Recent projects have included full HVAC and plumbing renovation design for the Somersworth Army National Guard and Franklin Army National Guard; mechanical and/or plumbing system renovations for the Waterbury Fire Department, Richmond Elementary School and King Arthur Fluor; Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) submissions for Central Vermont Eyecare and Upper Valley Haven; a 180-ton chiller replacement design for Chelmsford High School; a 370,000-BUT biomass pellet boiler design for Canaan Elementary School; and campus chilled water system study/modifications, fuel oil conversion project and high-pressure condensate system upgrades for the University of Vermont.

Peter holds a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Engineering Technology from Vermont Technical College and is a registered engineer in Vermont. He enjoys applying engineering in his personal life and designed and built his own home's geothermal system that includes a backup condensing boiler and a custom programmable digital controls system.